Childcare and cultural exchange agency

You want to look after your children in a unique and culturally enriching way as well as to have some help in daily housework!
Choosing to hire an Au Pair will give your home an authentic and privileged cultural and linguistic dimension that will allow your children to open up to another culture and to learn a foreign language in excellent conditions.
On the other hand, having an au pair at home allows to have flexible time schedules unlike other forms of childcare, in addition, from an economic point of view, the price will remain the same regardless of the number of children in the family.
Entrust one’s children to a stranger is not easy and that is why we work with foreign agencies who selected their candidates carefully. In addition, our agency is at your service and will come along with you throughout the trip.

What is an Au Pair?

A young girl (or boy) aged 18 to 30 years who wants to learn a foreign language and its culture, and who loves taking care of children. Her mission is to help the host family 25h to 30h per week in exchange for room and board. The host family will issue her a weekly allowance (€ 80 minimum).
She will take care of children (get them up, get them to school, to bathe them, tidy up their rooms …). She will have one or two nights of babysitting and will help in common daily tasks. She will pay her airplane tickets and the language courses, that generally will be between 6- 10 € per hour.

Hosting conditions

Most of the tasks will be related to children (get them up, bathe, tidy their rooms, get them to school …), the Au pair will also help you with daily chores (in no case she must prepare meals for the family, do the shopping for the week, iron clothes …).

It is important not to consider the Au pair as a maid, but as another family member. In order to have a successful exchange, it is important that the Au pair feels integrated within the family, and that the family is understanding, tolerant and open-minded. Indeed you should take into account the fact that Au pairs are young people who perhaps have never been abroad, and therefore may need time to adapt to their new environment.

The language spoken at home must be French (for French host families).

Holidays, days off

The Au pair is entitled to have at least one full weekend (Friday evening to Monday morning) off per month, as well as a paid week’s holiday every 6 months, and participants should reach an agreement regarding French bank holidays.

French courses

The host family will allow time for the au pair to attend language courses. The cost of the course and pre-registration will be at the expense of Au pair, and transport costs from home to school will be the responsibility of the family. When the Au pair is not a citizen of the European Union, it is compulsory for she to attend French courses at least 10 hours per week, except when staying less than 3 months.

Administratives procedures

Declare her at french institutions DIRRECTE, CPAM, URSSAF (average cost 200€ per month) and to get her to a special young private au pair insurance for accidents, illness, liability… (24€ to 46€ per month). For Au pairs from outside the European Union, one of the first step to be taken by the host family will be to get au pair registered for french courses of a minimum of 10 hours a week in order to get her work license (except for the short stays). Non-EU citizens must obtain a visa. To facilitate this, the family will send the prospective au pair a certificate of registration for French courses and the placement agreement issued by the DIRRECTE.