Childcare and cultural exchange agency

Want to live a new experience, to become bilingual, to meet new people and discover French culture?

So, if you are open-minded, motivated, responsible and you like children, the Au Pair program in France is just made for you!

What could be better than learning French through a totally immersive experience? free room, board and laundry, the material conditions are set to allow you to make the most of your stay.

Our agency is located in Pau, a pleasant and dynamic town located in the south west of France, near the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean with a university campus.

The city, as with the rest of the region, is rich in history, traditions and will seduce you with its landscapes and the warmth of its people.

There are many local festivities to that enliven the city all year round: the Bearnes carnival, a music festival, a film festival, the Occitan festival, outdoor concerts, car racing, horse racing, basketball, rugby … As well as famous festivals in the region such as “fêtes de Bayonne”, “Jazz in Marciac”, Hossegor surfing championship

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Requirements to become an au pair in France

  • Be between 18 and 29 years of age
  • Be single and without dependant children
  • Have experience in childcare
  • Be available for 2 months in summer, or at least 6 months during the year
  • Have a minimum knowledge of the language of the country
  • Have no criminal records

Hosting Conditions

The term “au pair” means that you should be treated as a family member, you will be hosted (single room) with board and laundry, receive between 65 € and 90 € pocket money per week in exchange for 25h or 30h of work weekly for your host family, and one or two evenings of babysitting.

Most of the tasks will be related to children (get them up, bathe, tidy their rooms, get them to school ..). You will also help with simple daily chores. Time schedules and other chores details will be agreed with the family from the beginning.

Not all families are used to hosting a stranger under their roof, therefore it will be necesary to show flexibility and choose dialogue when any question or inconvenience arises.

Our agency will be there, in Pau, to help you, support you, mediate and to put you in contact with other au pairs if you wish so.

Holidays,days off

You will have one or two days of leave per week of leave every 6 month, depending on the country. We suggest you reach an agreement about the holidays arrangements with your host family from the beginning.

Language courses

It is possible to take language courses and obtain an official certificate. The course fee will be at your expense but sometimes the host family can participate (get to an agreement). Note that summer courses are commonly limited

Administrative procedures

You must have a valid identity card (or passport) for the entire stay. You should ask for the European Health Card at the social security centre and subscribe to special private au pair insurance. For non European Union citizens, you will require a visa.