Childcare and cultural exchange agency

If what you want is to bring a foreign language in your daily life in a unique and culturally enriching way, our agency is at your service.

Hosting a home tutor for a month, two months or three months will bring your home an authentic and privileged cultural and linguistic dimension that will allow your family to be open to another culture and to practice a foreign language in excellent conditions.

What is a home tutor?

A tutor is a stranger who comes to you to teach you their native language and share their culture. Our tutors are aged between 20 and 70 years (and yes, sometimes they are retired teachers), they all have a graduate diploma, experience in teaching their native language, they will respect your lifestyle, and they are healthy and autonomous. On the other hand, before arriving in France they must be provided with a travel insurance.
Hosting and sharing your daily life with a stranger is not easy and that is why we work with foreign agencies who carefully selected their candidates. Our agency of Pau will listen to you and will accompany you throughout the stay.

Hosting conditions

The host family will provide the tutor a single room, daily meals, access to washing machine and conveniences of home use. In exchange for lodging and board, the tutor must perform 15 hours of foreign language conversation with the family and may also be involved with your children’s school life (help with homework, get them to school …). However it is important to consider the tutor as part of the family. Tutors are expected to represent a cultural exchange. Normally the family meets the tutor on the arrival day (at the station, airport …) and they drive him/her to the station or airport on his departure day.

Holidays, days off

The tutor is entitled to at least one day off weekly and a full weekend a month. Family and tutor will reach an agreement on the time schedule

Le tuteur a droit au minimum à un jour de libre hebdomadaire et à un week-end complet par mois afin qu’il puisse un peu voyager. Il est courant d’accorder les jours fériés français.